Welcome to the COD-GLOBAL GHOST WAR Powered by PG-HOST. We Provide you Advance GamePlay and Best Features. We will make your time best!!

D(D)os Protection

Our Server is fully D(D)os protected and have higher protections then others. even in difficult positions in samp our server was running Sucessfully.


We gave our Players High Rewards like score,cash etc. We always give you what is Important for you and full fill al your Dreams. We have Capability of Bonus Rewards on Capturing or Killing Sprees.

Best Technical Support

We Have Experienced and Best Staff. We Provide you 24/7 Technical Support. we Have Experienced and Proffesional Staff Members.

High Speed

In our server you will never face lags etc. we have some systems that satisfy with your inernet connection even in high ping and we have Advance Team Selection Systems for Slow internet Connections

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